Perkville has integrations with many systems

Perkville has integrations with many point of sale, scheduling, membership and e-commerce platforms to provide an automated experience for you and your customers.

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Learn about Daxko and how it integrates with Perkville for loyalty, rewards and referrals.

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Daxko is proud to partner with Perkville to provide a convenient rewards system throughout our technology solutions, including Daxko Operations, Daxko Spectrum and Club Automation. The combination of Perkville’s sleek rewards program with Daxko’s comprehensive solutions means gym and health club owners can motivate their members through enticing rewards, leading to retention and building community. Through the partnership, gym owners using Daxko’s solutions can incentivize purchases, check-ins, social posts, referrals and more with special rewards tailored for their members, including free classes, products and workshops.

We’re the Industry’s #1 recognized software provider - Daxko leads the health and wellness market by providing the most comprehensive solutions and services to more kinds of member-based organizations than any other company.

We’re a growth driver - Member-based health and wellness organizations grow faster with Daxko.

We provide exceptional experiences - Daxko’s people-first culture creates powerful relationships built on outstanding service, deep business insight, and relevant industry experience.


Integration Details

With Perkville a variety of activities in Daxko's membership systems can be incentivized.

Club Automation

  • Gym check-ins
  • Program registration
  • Birthdays
  • Referrals
Daxko Operations

  • Gym check-ins
  • Birthdays
  • Referrals
Daxko Spectrum

  • Gym check-ins
  • In-club purchases
  • Birthdays
  • Referrals